About Us

Who We Are?

We are a group of passionate day-dreamers, optimistic hard-workers and enthusiastic travelers who came back to Brindisi after years abroad and decided that here happiness is their way of life. We cooperate with public bodies, authorities, private operators, students, international experts and trave bloggers that are helping us to make our dream come true. Even you could be our ambassador!

What We Do?

We created a destination branding and marketing strategy for a place without hope: Brindisi. Our aim is reinventing the local economy by converting local traditions into happy experiences for the visitor by training and motivating locals on how to make them sustainable. Brindisi destination for the visitor, but first of all for the resident, who is learning to look through new eyes. Brindisi, a happy destination!

How We Work?

We bring to Brindisi positive national and international best practices and new models to follow. To create travel offer in a "place without hope" we learn from the best experts, bearers of innovation and icon of change. We work with two formats: Experience Lab (training on design, management and promotion of happy experiences) and Blogger Experience (travel blogger improve and promote happy experiences with locals).

Our supporters

Supporters our essential to make our dream come true