Meeting passionated pioneers in organic farming

This husband and wife company is slightly unusual for Italy as it was not inherited from the family but started from scratch. Giuseppe and Patrizia bought land to grow produce, originally it was not an organic farm. It was conventional and mostly they were selling to other businesses. Over time their interest increased in organic farming and they realized more people were demanding it.

While organic food is trending in many parts around the world it is not something readily available in southern Italy and for this reason they needed to become pioneers. They started with a few vegetables and have since expanded to wheat and legumes. They are best known for their work with heirloom vegetables that are rare and in danger of disappearing.This isn’t an easy task as it takes much research to find varieties that are disappearing and discover who still has seeds. It often means reaching out to elders who may still be cultivating seeds and cajoling them into giving a small amount of seeds so they can begin to cultivate as well. With such a small amount they cannot become a commercial success as they are investing years, hoping the plant will thrive and that customers will want to purchase the product.

Interestingly, the current system for organic certification doesn’t have these plants in its certification program because no one else is growing them so they work with Slow Food and the ICEA to enter these heirloom varieties into consideration. Luckily they have all been approved to date.