A unique venue in the countryside of Brindisi

This lovely country house is located in stunning surroundings in the Brindisi countryside, and is just a short drive from the town center. There are a variety of services on offer here, from the thirteen wonderful rooms that are available for guests through to the restaurant and the farm which produces a range of products that have all been made using the ingredients that have been grown on the estate itself.

The rooms in the hotel are beautifully decorated, with some amazing features such as the jacuzzi bath found in some suites through to the large comfortable beds and the spacious accommodation. The country house is also used as a venue for weddings and corporate events, and offers beautiful surroundings and great food in order to make for a memorable event.

Gelsomino is a lovely restaurant that is based at the Masseria, and enjoys a series of tables on the covered terrace of the property, and is a great place for a meal and to try the wines produced on the estate. They are proud to serve meals made with locally sourced and produced ingredients, with the attractive presentation of each course helping to deliver a delightful meal.

Experience the Ayngelina's favourite Masseria

Perhaps one of my favourite masserias that I have visited, Baroni Nuovi is located in a beautiful setting in the country but has all the modern amenities you could want. When we arrived it was a beautiful afternoon and so the owners took us on a tour of the property where I noticed a strange field of vegetables I had never seen before. This was their field of artichokes and so we got out of the truck so we could have a closer look and try them straight from the ground. As artichokes are not common in Canada it was such a treat to be able to try them fresh.

We returned to the Masseria to try our hand at lunch. We were going to learn how to make orechiette. I must say that learning to make pasta can be daunting and while I watched them make it over and over again I simply could not make the little ear shape. It was fun to be in the kitchen while staff made lunch but I don’t see a future as a pasta maker, I think it really takes years of practice to master pasta as difficult as this one.

We sat down to lunch under a beautiful covered terrace and were soon joined by locals who just stopped in to have a bite to eat. Lunch was a lavish feast of many different plates of gorgeous vegetables, simply prepared. I think my favourite was the artichoke carpaccio which was only fresh artichoke sliced thinly and topped with great olive oil and salt and pepper. It seems like something so simple but it really requires the freshest ingredients.

At lunch I really showed that I’m not Italian as everyone at the table continued to eat I was full by the time our orechiette arrived. I had to insist to everyone that it was because I was Canadian, not because I wasn’t enjoying the delicious lunch. But I guess that is really part of the Italian experience, people insisting that you eat more!