Slow Food in the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto

Located in the lovely area of Torre Guaceto in the Puglia region of Italy, this producer of extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes is proud of the high quality of the products that are the result of the fertile soil of the area. Calemone prides itself on having a passion and enthusiasm for great ingredients and genuine and authentic flavors that are distinctive, and can be identified as being made in Apulia.

A short distance from the sea and the local capital of Brindisi, visitors can see the spectacular olive groves around the rolling terrain, and the other vegetable growing areas of the estate. A key part of the philosophy of the farm is being part of the slow food and organic movements, with the produce being made in the right way, and giving consumers confidence in the olive oil and tomatoes produced there.

A visit to this part of Italy is to explore an area where food and flavor is given great importance, and you can see when you explore the farm that the people have a great passion for the land and for ingredients produced which they also eat themselves. There is no better recommendation than a farmer who enjoys eating his own produce.

Experience a frisa with Fiaschetto tomatoes

Located in the National Reserve of Torre Guaceto, Calemone is a very popular farm producing many products including olive oil and a number of different traditional sauces. One of the most special things about Italy is learning about its regional products and at Azienda Agricola Calemone I learned about one of the most precious in Brindisi – the fiaschetto tomato.

What is particularly interesting is that it is a tomato in risk of disappearing but through great work of Slow Food Alto Salento and Calemone Farm with the National Reserve of Torre Guaceto it is in the process of becoming more readily available. Here on the farm Calemone is cultivating this variety of tomato with organic farming. We were able to tour the farmland and learn about the challenges of organic farming but also the successes. Calemone has been in a unique position to show that it is possible to successfully grow this tomato and now many other farms are beginning to plant it as well.

When we returned from the field it was now time to learn how to use these beautiful tomatoes and I was taught a very important dish of the region. Friselle is a twice-baked bread in Brindisi that is shaped like a ring. On its own it appears to be a very hard bread but I learned how to eat it like locals do. First you must dip the bread in water three times (like most things in Italy this is a tradition to show respect from Roman Catholics) and then you top them with delicious fiaschetto tomatoes. Finally you add great quality olive oil and a little bit of salt. It may seem strange to dip the bread in water but it really produces a delicious result. I’ll be making these at home if I can only find the right bread.