Burrata making in San Vito dei Normanni

Started in 1977 the cheesemakers at Caseificio Lanzillotti have been recognized by SlowFood Italy since 2002 for their traditional method to create mozzarella and burrata, continuing to use raw milk straight from Masseria Veneri and producing a high quality product.

With a slogan of “Traditional foods, modern reality!” the cheese producers employ traditional techniques they now use more modern equipment to produce their cheese. In addition to the mozzarella and burrata, Caseificio Lanzillotti also makes fresh ricotta and ricotta forte, a traditional product made from adding salt to the ricotta to ferment it.

Tourists should be aware the ricotta forte has a very strong, pungent taste and only a small amount is needed to add to pasta and other dishes. The cheese production room is next door to the cheese shop, which is packed with locals who crowd to buy a wide assortment of cheese from both cow and sheep milk produced locally along with a few imports.

Experience the fresh Burrata with Francesco's crew

For any cheese lover this is a place you must visit in Brindisi. Located in the small town of San Vito Norman you will find a cheese shop packed with locals looking to order for the day.Caseificio Lanzillotti started in 1977 and has been recognized by Slow Food Italy since 2002 for their traditional method to create mozzarella and burrata. They use raw milk straight from Masseria Veneri and produce a product like no other.

We were able to visit the production facility next door where Paola, who is known as the chief burrata officer, showed us how she makes burrata. It was much simpler than I had expected but I guess when you have quality ingredients you just need to respect them and keep the process as simple as possible. I also think it appeared simple because Paola has been doing it for years.

We were advised that burrata should be eaten within four days of production to experience the real quality of the product. The highlight of my experience was eating a burrata that had been made only 30 seconds beforehand. It was still warm! I have had many burrata in my life but nothing that was a decadent as eating one straight from my hands. It was something so special I will never forget. I doubt I will have another burrata as delicious in my life.

For Dave he really loved learning how to make mozzarella knots. As a chef he works with cheese often but never at this stage in its production. It was interesting to see how the texture of the cheese could change and certainly we had a lot of appreciation for Paola and the rest of the team when we left.