Baking bread the old-fashioned way

This family run bakery has been running for seven years when the father decided that after coming from generations of bakers they should open a business as well. Today the entire family works at the bakery, including the daughter’s boyfriend, with strong beliefs about quality products and the process to make healthy bread. The flour comes from the farm of a friend and they use an old mill that employs traditional milling practices so they have a more course grind, which they believe is healthier.

Truly a joint effort, the father wakes at 4am to prepare the flour, at 5 am the boyfriend comes to help to prepare the bread, which begins to rise at 6am and then at 7am they turn on the oven and bake so they are ready to serve bread at 8am.

Distributing to local supermarkets, locals also can come to the bakery window to buy their bread directly. During Christmas season it’s common to see a line of cars out onto the street as the demand for bread is so high and the family makes a delicious holiday biscuit filled with marmalade.

Experience focaccia and taralli making with the Cerasinos

Driving up to this bakery you can see that it is very popular with locals as so many people are coming in and out of the parking lot to pick up their bread for the day. The family that runs this bakery is very friendly and has strong beliefs about how to make healthy, quality bread. They explained their process, which included buying wheat from farmers that they trust and using an old mill to make the flour which is more coarse than you would find with typical 00 flour from other bakeries.

Dave had an opportunity to learn from the father how to make tarallis as well as how to make focaccia with Chiara the daughter. It was easy to see that the family enjoyed working together and sharing what they knew about making bread. Their generosity did not end there as they insisted we take loaves of bread on the road along with the focaccia we made and other baked goods they have on site. It was a pleasure to meet such a kind family and taste their delicious baked goods.