Experience milking and cheese making

When we first arrived at Masseria Marangiosa I was very distracted by the pigs in mud that were happily hanging out in the field. But as much as I like to see happy pigs, it was not the reason we were here today. Children mostly visit Masseria Marangiosa, but there are many things to do for adult food lovers, the first reason is to go learn how to make cheese. Here it is possible to learn how to milk cows, make cheese and visit the many other animals.

The masseria makes a number of different kinds of cheese so we went inside the cheese production facility and talked to the women who do it every day. It is very clear they love their jobs as they were happy to show me how to make it and then allowed me to do it first hand. Next we toured where they were aging the cheese and it smelled so delicious. There were a variety of different traditional cheeses, including one of the most important in the region – pecorino, which is a hard sheep’s cheese and very common to find in Brindisi.

On our way to a cheese tasting we were distracted once again by all the goats. We could hear them in their pens so we went out to have a visit. At first they seemed frightened when we entered but it was clear they were comfortable with humans and also very curious. Slowly they came over to check us out and allowed us to pet them. Finally I had the ultimate experience, I learned how to milk a goat. I was a little nervous but it was actually much easier than I thought it would be. Everyone had a good laugh, except maybe the goat!

To end the day we went to the cheese boutique and tried pecorino cheese at various ages so we could see how the cheese ages over time. It was a great lesson that time can really make a different in cheese but it was so difficult for me to choose which one I liked the best so I bought samples of all three to bring back with me to Canada. As we left Masseria Marangiosa a school bus was driving in, they seem like a very popular place for children and I can see why.