Experience the magical white city and its handicraft

Ostuni is a small city in the province of Brindisi that swells with tourists in the summer due to its beautiful beaches and interesting architecture. Known as the white city, its home to many artists who sell their goods in little nooks and crannies in the city center. For an art lover, it could be a dangerous visit as you can spend hours upon hours visiting the many artisans in this picturesque city.

On our visited we were able to two talented artists. The first was Tonino Zurlo from L’Ulivo che cants which means the olive tree that sings. The reason for this name is that Tonino doesn’t have an idea of what he will create until he begins working with the piece of olive tree. It is then that the olive tree sings to him and tells him what the branch should be.

He wants to express the culture and ideas of the Mediterranean and Southern Italy so for him it’s not about manufacturing pieces but art. He has no formal training and only began working in this manner after he retired, he believes a divine entity helps guide him through the process and he finds it extremely satisfying.