Experience fishermen's lifestyle and habits

Undeniably, one of the most beautiful aspects of Brindisi is its harbour. It also made Brindisi a important destination as it is a major port for trade to Greece and the Middle East. When you stroll the harbourfront you see the Aragonese Castle, which many people call Forte a Mare or Sea Forte, which was built by King Ferdinand I of Naples in 1941. While it is not set up as an official site with a visitor’s office, it is possible to visit if you have transportation to the island. It is why I was excited to hear that a local fisherman was willing to take us out in his boat for a tour of the harbour and so we could see the castle.

It was the perfect day to be out on the water, the sky was so blue and it was really warm. As we approached the castle we could see some people with fishing lines and others laying out in the sun. As we wandered the castle we were the only people there and were able to wander freely. We hopped back into the boat and the fisherman offered to take us around the harbour so that we could see more of the port. In Italian he pointed out some notable areas like the direction of Greece, the military base, we also saw a massive ship that had been abandoned and was now beginning to rust away.

It was a great tour as we saw a different side of the harbour, one more commercial but also helped explain the history of Brindisi and its importance as a port city.