Experience wine history and tradition

One of the oldest wineries in the Salento region, Cantina San Donaci was founded in 1933 as a partnership between 12 farmers. Over 75 years later there are now 600 partners from the Salice Salentino Area in this cooperative, promoting the Salento region as a high quality producer of wine in Italy.

The main grape harvested are Negromaro and Black Malavasia to produce wine such as Negroamaro and Primitivo for sale in Italy and Europe. The group is also innovating and experimenting with some white wine such as Chardonnay, as the land and climate should produce quality wine.

One of the most important productions is the Anticaia Rosato Dop Salice Salentino, the Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes which is one of the best expressions of Salento as the smell and colour of the wine come from the grape – not from a mix of red and wine. Its fruity tones are perfect to pair with lighter dishes and seafood. At Cantina San Donaci it is possible to visit for a wine tasting, tour of the winery including the cellar and to buy its wine in a variety of sizes.