The foolish tour of San Michele Salentino's cookeries

Our last night in Brindisi we had an epic restaurant tour of San Michele visiting ten restaurants over five hours. It was a fantastic night visiting some great food and learning the stories of people who served us.

1. Corso Vittorio Veneto

Corso Vittorio Veneto, 24 - (+39) 333 9562415

This restaurant is run by two energetic sisters, and was originally two homes that were joined together to form the restaurant. They have a great aperitivo menu that features some interesting dishes like horse crostini.

2. Ristorante Big Ben

Piazza Dante, 1 - (+39) 338 2299473

Once a takeaway pizzeria it’s now possible to eat many things, not just pizza! We had fantastic pasta from Chef Ricardo who is only 23. He’s sure to have a bright future.

3. Pescheria Trattoria Fortunato

Via Re di Puglia, 14 - (+39) 333 5835497

This husband and wife duo run a fish shop attached to a seafood restaurant. It’s worth going there to chat with Fortunato and Antonietta as they have some great stories and amazing product.

4. La Brace del Duca

Via Duca D'Aosta, 9 - (+39) 0831 966080

A fourth generation butcher shop from 1886, they opened a fornello in 2006 to diversify. They buy all their product from local farmers and have an incredible restaurant featuring unique offal dishes and others made in a pignata.

5. Osteria Tranquilla

Corso Vittorio Veneto, 43 - (+39) 328 0530717

The owner was in the military for 35 years and always loved food. Just over three years ago he opened this high-end traditional restaurant with a chef who was only 18 at the time. Chef Roberto has stayed on and continues to make great traditional dishes based on the seasons.

6. Kimama Bistrot Vittorio Veneto, 126 - (+39) 338 4669630

Only four years ago this restaurant was a used car shop. Now locals flock here for the wood oven pizza with both traditional and innovative options, you won’t find many tourists and you will find a great pizza.

7. Il Brigantino

Via Roma 26 - (+39) 0831 966466

This restaurant has been here for ten years, focusing on seafood and have a diverse selection from local species to lobster from Atlantic Canada. Their vegetable dishes are great, like the lampascioni onion with fig flavoured ricotta.

8. Sapori di Puglia

Via Corsica, 4 - (+39) 346 7080198

A pizzeria that focused on traditional country dishes, most of the vegetables served are from their farm in the countryside.

9. Macelleria da Mimmo

Via Duca d'Aosta, 100 - (+39) 340 7325068

The butcher shop specializing in horse has been around for thirty years and just eight years ago they decided to open a restaurant. Standout dishes are the donkey brasciole and donkey ribs cooked in a pignata.

10. La Botte

Via Duca d'Aosta, 209 - (+39) 339 6616624

A family business that began ten years ago. It was once a pub that has expanded with a great food program. Get the antipasti with tripe, fava beans and eggplant rolls.