Experience sea breeze and fresh fish in Savelletri

Although Savelletri is a popular location for tourists in the summer to visit and eat fresh seafood the town is active all year round as locals continue to come during the winter to buy from the fish shops. It was a quiet afternoon when we arrived but the weather was beautiful with a warm breeze for January. We headed down to the water and saw a fisherman cleaning fresh fish on the docks. When we told him he were from Canada he agreed to allow us to take photos of him and we were amazed he was able to work so well as he was using a steak knife. I was a bit nervous to ask but he agreed to take a photo with me as well. It was really great to see someone so open to our curiosity.

We moved onto the fish shop with plans to buy fish for lunch. When we entered it smelled like the ocean so we knew the fish was fresh. We saw lobster from Canada, which was really expensive compared to prices at home. But we weren’t here to eat Canadian food, we wanted a taste of Brindisi. While we recognized some of the mussels, octopus and shrimp there were so many fish we had never seen before. The fish were so bright and many were a vibrant orange. We couldn’t pass on buying a pagello which was a gorgeous colour and we knew it was perfect for lunch.

On our way back to the car we passed a tiny corner shop and when we peeked in I noticed it was filled to the brim with sea urchins so we had to go in. Here two guys were working on sea urchins and they were everywhere. They sell directly to customers so were happy to have us come in and try fresh sea urchins and take as many photos as we liked. We explained that in Canada they are expensive but here they were only 20 Euro for 50 sea urchins. It was also possible to buy one other product, a small jar of the roe of 40 urchins, which also cost 20 Euro. We learned this was often used in pasta. When we left I noticed there was no store signage and asked what the business was called – they replied simply: Pino e Vincenzo, the name of the two guys.