Natural Reserve and Marine protected Area of Torre Guaceto

It is located on the northern Adriatic coast of Salento, at a short distance from the towns of Carovigno, San Vito dei Normanni and the local capital, Brindisi, stretching for 8 km (5 mi) between the beach of Punta Penna Grossa and the cliffs of Apani. The reserve offers a wide range of spectacular landscapes, from coastal dunes and charming "secret" sandy beaches to olive groves and other vegetable growing areas in the countryside.

A very popular destination for sun and sea seekers, but also a very important place for the production of local excellent products such as olive oil and fiaschetto tomato (Slow Food Presidia). Farmers and local residents are very tied to this magical land and passionate about it. Don't miss the chance to meet them, listen to their stories and taste their extraordinary food when walking through the reserve.

This is the right place for you if you like walking, nature, ecology, culture and tradition. You can visit it on your own, or with professional tour guides and archaeologists, that organize lovely experiential activities, theatre labs and guided tours (daily during summer, on request during the rest of the year). Torre Guaceto's beach (Punta Penna Grossa) is also accessible for disabled people thanks to a ramp running down to the water.

Experience a day in the Natural Reserve

We reached the reserve by car, but it can also be reached by bus, thanks to the connections of the local transport company (STP Brindisi) to Brindisi, Carovigno and the main tourist areas of Torre Canne. We left our vehicle in the parking of Punta Penna Grossa (the cost of parking from June to September is 5 Euro per day; free for the rest of the year) to start our hike through the reserve. With the expert guidance of the Cooperativa Thalassia team, we reached the Tower, enchanting symbol of this magical destination, set in a wonderful corner of paradise between land and sea. Here the green of the reeds that accompanied us during the path merge with the turquoise sea.

Taking advantage of the shadow provided by the tower, we stopped a little to rest, turning our gaze toward the infinite. We continue our extrasensory path in the scents of the land reserve, exploring the evocative power of the olive trees in the nature of Puglia.

For lunch we choose a special company, one of those happy islands made by passionate people that together with its production represent an invaluable asset for our area. The Calemone Farm since years has chosen to bet on this reserve and the products of its land. The lovely team offers us a wonderful and colorful lunch made of Frisa (the typical apulian bread ring) topped with their extraordinary fiaschetto tomato, now known worldwide as Slow Food Presidia, and with an extra virgin organic olive oil. A slow lunch, made in Torre Guaceto, that we ate in the shade on the grass of the company garden.

During our visit, in addition to the fantastic landscape, we chose to meet the heroes of this happy destination, and so in the afternoon we had the honor to meet some of the 12 fishermen who one day decided to revolutionize their lives by pioneering a model of sustainable fishing completely against the current local customs (especially at that time), focused on maximizing profits, regardless of the environment. We dreamed about a better world listening to the story and we opted for a "sustainable" fish dinner with their catch of the day. We ended our walk with the amateur storyteller Cosimo Galasso, admiring the sky and the stars above Torre Guaceto and their incredible stories.