9 international travel bloggers in Brindisi for a week

Blogger Experience 2013 is the very first project of Brindisi is My Destination and the first steps in the planning date back to February 2013. This video was made with Zero Budget asking friends around the world to contribute to the initiative and thanks to locals who helped us with shots of people and places. The result was really exciting.

Proposed to the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi, was immediately welcomed and supported from the very beginning to the end. Then the Municipality of Brindisi was involved to raise significant funding from the Puglia region, along with several contributions from private partners. It was great to see all those logos appear slowly on the page dedicated to the event :)

And then we started: 9 travel blogger arrived in Brindisi from all around the world. Selections, operations, planning, sleepless nights and lots of fun. On June 7, they arrived in Brindisi and lived experiences, which can be common for us, but unforgettable for them. The real aim was not to show Brindisi to the bloggers and organize a tour for them, but it was revive this area starting from the experiential tourism.

Discovering Brindisi with new eyes

From shopping at the market to the boat trip, from walking during the exciting Negroamaro Wine Festival to a traditional cooking lesson ... to finish becoming a crew of the wonderful International Regatta Brindisi - Corfu. Laurence, Liz, Denis, Cailin, Emiliano, Simon, Daniel, Chris and Isabelle have done all this. And they have promoted our land far and wide, with beautiful and colorful articles. They are now our friends and ambassadors in the World.

The results were unexpected, but very welcome. Here's a bit of data.

1. Social Network
Twitter: 245,000 shares with #brimd - 338.810 impressions (views)
Instagram: 243 shares with #brimd
Data instagram account of bloggers followed: Daniel Nahabedian: 12863 fans, Elizabeth Carlson: 8051 fans, Simon Falvo: 1223 fans, O'neil: 1116 fans, Laurence Norah: 1484 fans, Chris Richardson: 851 fans
Facebook page with 1,668 fans - Viral content of the page March 24 to July 12 2013: total of 180,000 - Usage page from March 24 to July 12, 2013: total 60,000 clicks
Website: 14,000 page views in the period of event - 3,500 unique visitors Video launch "Blogger Experience": almost 6,000 views on youtube More than 10,000 views on Youtube repubblica.it Canala "Brindisi is MY Destination": 3500 views Video Post-event: 3,777 views

2. Articles Media (Italy)
Repubblica.it Brindisireport.it Brundisium.net Brindisicronaca.it Bigjump.cemitds.it Guidaviaggi.it Bigodino.itPugliacalling.it Ilnautilus.it

3. Articles of Travel Blogger listed Besides
All the basic ingredients of this event (strategy, support from public and private institutions and people, so much effort) there is one thing in particular that made him unique. The ability to hear from those who govern us and wanted to give an 'opportunity to a' pure experience. Relizzata for good and without any ulterior motive. The motor of all was a great enthusiasm and a great team effort. I leave it, I get excited every time I see it :) THANKS!