A videomakers competition to invent a promotion campaign

Following the success of the first Blogger Experience, we launched a new initiative, Spot the Difference, a contest in which Italian and international videomakers had the opportunity to win 1500 € and a one week stay in Tenuta Moreno Masseria & SPA, the sponsor. To participate we asked to create a short video with only three clues: - Tenuta Moreno Masseria & SPA - Brindisi - Mesagne Below you can find the two best video we have received, making the choice quite difficult. They have filmed and edited by Kelley Ferro (famous video-blogger of Tripfilms.com) and Niccolò Lania.

A new way of promotion

Hard to decide, isn't it?
We preferred to reward both!
Kelley and Nicholas had the opportunity to meet and work on a third video in Tenuta Moreno Masseria & SPA, which is now part of the official promotion of the resort.
Watch it below! We liked the idea of involving a famous international guest and a young local talent.

Thanks Kelley & Nicholas for your creativity

Thanks Pierangelo (Tenuta Moreno Masseria & SPA) for believing in a new way of promotion.